Waukee, Iowa – Miller, Fidler & Hinke Insurance President and CEO Joey Hinke has announced that the company is moving forward as Vibrant Insurance Group. Hinke made the announcement to employees and colleagues at a company event on March 9, unveiling the new name and brand identity to attendees.

“The defining inspiration for a new name is who we’ve grown into as a team and what we’re proud to represent,” said Hinke. “The vibrance of how we apply our energy and values to the work we do is what makes us different.”

Miller, Fidler and Hinke was formed in 2011 after Hinke merged his company, J.A. Hinke & Company, with Miller and Fidler Insurance Agency, founded by Jackie Miller and Dick Fidler. Both Miller and Fidler have since retired.

“Over the last 12 years, we have more than quadrupled the number of employees on our team as well as our revenue. The change in our company name is not a reflection of something we’re going to do differently; it’s a reflection of who we are as an insurance team,” Hinke added.

Vibrant Insurance Group specializes in providing customized personal and commercial insurance planning. Located in Waukee, the agency offers a full line of personal insurance planning and specializes in identifying complex and comprehensive insurance coverage options for businesses of all sizes.

To learn more about Vibrant Insurance Group, including a blog by Hinke explaining the new name, visit Vibrantins.com.