Business Spotlight on Country Lane Lodge
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Business Spotlight on Country Lane Lodge




How has your business changed in the past month?  
Since the "social distancing" has been put in place, our business has had to close our doors. We are thankful many of our weddings have postponed to a later date in the year. This has been especially stressful for our wedding couples as they have planned for this day for 1-2 yrs! Graduation parties, family events, reunions and company events are also on hold until we get more direction buy we will work with each of them to reschedule.

What are you most grateful for at this time?  
Life can throw you a curve ball and this is one of the most challenging many of us have experienced. At Country Lane Lodge we are trying to take this time to get caught up on projects around the property and take a little time to get things done at home. We are especially grateful to our clients for working with us as we want to host the special event in their lives...soon we hope!  

What is keeping you up at night?  
Keeping me up at night is the loss of income not only this year, but into next year. I anticipate our 2020 total events will be down 50% and the events we do host will be smaller than planned. All these changes will have a large affect on our bar sales. In addition to this, our bookings for the back half of 2020 and all of 2021 have slowed down dramatically. Will couples or companies feel comfortable booking large events in the future for fear of another "shut down"? Will they be cautious and plan smaller events? Will companies convert from live meetings to online meetings to save time and money? 

How are you working to overcome these challenges?  
We have worked hard with our clients to reschedule their event later in the year and even "hold" a back-up date in case their day will not work. The challenge for our clients and us, when will we be allowed to reopen? And what will the new "normal" look like?

Can you share any bright stories or information?  
We have had some great stores come out of this! As we have tried to reschedule so many weddings, many couples reserve both Friday and Saturday dates. Typically they planned to decorate on Friday for the Wedding on Saturday. I reached out to a number of these couples and asked if they would consider giving up their Friday for another couple to get married and many did without hesitation! How selfless of them and so appreciated by so many people and vendors! In turn the venue will bring in additional help to assist with decorating and making sure their day goes off without a hitch!  


Kendra Kasischke

Country Lane Lodge
29300 Prospect Circle
Adel, IA 50003


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