Business Spotlight on Mi-Fiber
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Business Spotlight on Mi-Fiber




How has your business changed in the past month?
While we’re still able to install and repair services for our customers, certain aspects of normal operations have changed. Our office is closed to the public, most of our employees are working remotely, and we’re taking extra precautions when scheduling appointments and entering customer’s homes.

What are you most grateful for at this time?
We are extremely grateful for our dedicated employees. Everyone has continued to work hard and maintain a positive attitude regardless of this difficult time.

What is keeping you up at night?
We understand how important internet service is to the communities we serve. Although travel restrictions have somewhat hindered construction progress, we’re doing everything we can to bring services to residents as quickly as possible. 

How are you working to overcome these challenges?
Our team is working strategically to bring services to new customers and preparing our network for increased usage.

Can you share any bright stories or information?
It’s been very encouraging seeing communities come together in an effort to support local businesses. It shows the kindness and support that our cities are known for.

What can the Chamber do to assist you at this time?
We’re thankful for the Chamber of Commerce for all that it does to support local businesses such as ours. We look forward to engaging in Chamber sponsored events once it’s safe to do so!

Lexie Nadler

Marketing Manager
m: 515.897.9860
p: 844.784.1315
4464 114th Street
Urbandale, IA

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